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Powerline Adapter - Starter Kit Ac Pass Through - 2 Pack

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Referentie: TL-PA8010P KIT
Taal: UK

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up to 1200mbps!perfect for bandwidth demanding activities advanced homeplug av2 technology means the tl-pa8010p supports 2x2 mimo with beamforming, so users benefit from ultra-fast data transfer speeds of up to 1200mbps. perfect for bandwidth demanding activities like streaming ultra hd video to multiple devices simultaneously, online gaming and large file transfers.

line-neutral/line-ground 2x2 mimo with beamforming

  • larger range
mimo technology with beamforming maximizes the performance on the independent streams, which improves coverage throughout the home, particularly for previously hard to reach outlets.
  • higher transmission capacity & more stable connections
mimo technology means the tl-pa8010p kit can use the 3 wires, including the live, neutral and earth to create multiple data paths, meaning that you benefit from faster data throughput and more stable connections.

gigabit port for ultra-fast datasheet transfer with one gigabit ethernet port, tl-pa8010p allows users to connect a bandwidth intensive device to the internet at high speeds and ensures the smooth transmission of ultra hd video streaming. this makes the tl-pa8010p kit the perfect home entertainment companion.

plug and play, no configuration required connect a powerline adapter to the router; plug another powerline adapter into a wall socket in another room, and connect it to your internet enabled device via ethernet - and you're done!

extra power socket for additional devices the integrated power socket, with power output of up to 16a, means the powerline can be used like a traditional electrical socket. simply plug in your device or extension lead as though it were a normal wall socket. the built-in noise filter also helps to prevent electrical signal noise from affecting powerline performance.

power save by up to 85% tl-pa8010p is a new-generation of powerline adapter. its sophisticated power-saving mode automatically switches from its regular "working" mode to "power-saving" mode reducing energy consumption by up to 85%.