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Professional Rs422 Rs485 USB Serial Cable Adapter 6ft 1port

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Part Number: ICUSB422
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The ICUSB422 6ft Professional RS422/485 USB Serial Cable Adapter with COM Port Retention lets you connect RS422 or RS485 serial devices to your USB-enabled computer. The adapter features a 9-pin (DB9) male serial connector as well as dipswitch controls for easy port configuration, and requires minimal software.

The serial adapter is USB-powered, eliminating the aggravation of requiring an external power adapter. With COM port retention, assigned port settings are saved, so you can disconnect and reconnect the adapter with virtually no configuration required on the host computer.

The ICUSB422 is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


  • USB Powered - no power outlet required, and no cumbersome AC adapter to carry around
  • Supports high speed RS-422/RS-485 communication up to 921.6kbps; 400% faster than most USB to RS-232 adapters
  • COM retention saves the assigned port settings for the device, so disconnecting/reconnecting is hassle-free


  • USB to Straight-Through RS422/485 Serial Adapter
  • Supported baud rates from 300bps to 921.6 Kbps
  • Being able to rename devices no matter how many are plugged in
  • Supports COM Port retention
  • Configurable port for RS422 or RS485 support
  • Supports RS-485 Auto Transceiver Turn Around by Unique Featured ATTA Hardware
  • Backwards compatible with USB 1.1
  • Integrated adapter and cable eliminates the need for additional cables
  • Two interface modes; 4 wire RS422(TxD+/-, RxD+/-), and 2 wire RS485 (DATA+, DATA-)
  • 120 OHM terminator that can be Enabled/Disabled by DIP switch
  • Transmission Echo for RS485 collision detection


Connector Type(s): USB Type-A (4 pin) USB 2.0 Male

External Ports: DB-9 (9 pin, D-Sub) Male

Operating Temperature: 0C to 55C (32F to 131F)

Storage Temperature: -20C to 85C (-4F to 185F)

Humidity: 5~95% RH

Ports: 1

Interface: Serial

Bus Type: USB 2.0

Port Style: Cable Adapters

Chipset ID: FTDI - FT232RL

Shipping (Package) Weight: 0.2 kg [0.5 lb]

Serial Protocol: RS-422/485

Max Baud Rate: 921.6 Kbps

Data Bits: 7, 8

FIFO: 256 Bytes

Parity: Even, Odd, None

Stop Bits: 1, 2

Color: Black

Enclosure Type: Plastic

Cable Length: 1.8 m [6 ft]

Product Length: 45 mm [1.8 in]

Product Width: 41.5 mm [1.6 in]

Product Height: 22.1 mm [0.9 in]

Product Weight: 100 g [3.5 oz]

OS Compatibility: Windows CE (4.2, 5.0, 6.0), XP Embedded, 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Microsoft WHQL Certified: Yes

Included in Package: USB to RS422/485 Serial Adapter

Driver CD

Installation Guide