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Universal Management Gateway UMG 4000 40P(AS) 512SP 5000DP

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Base Price:€7.728,15€9.351,06
Recupel:+ €0,30+ €0,36
Referentie: UMG4000-400
Taal: UK


Consolidated Management and
Universal Connectivity: Combines the functions of KVM over IP and Universal Connectivity, serial console over IP, rack PDU, SP, and environmental sensor management into a single chassis, for a
complete in-band management solution that supports a broad range of IT platforms.

Enhanced Security: Shields
embedded service processors from unauthorized access, reducing the risk of malicious intrusion

Always-On: Highly reliable, local, remote and out-of-band access to data center and
IT infrastructure ensures that monitoring, control, and management can be done at any time, from any place.

Streamlined Installation: Leverages pre-built service processor profiles for discovery and management, streamlining discovery and setup for newly installed hardware.

Multi-Tenant Design: Creates a secure environment, improving compliance and auditing tasks for customers considering Colocation and Cloud implementations

Enabling the rapid pace of business requires data center managers to design,
implement and support systems and solutions from a range of vendors. Managing
these interconnected systems often requires a suite of complex, disconnected
tools that impede productivity and threaten IT infrastructure stability. The
Avocentģ Universal Management Gateway (UMG) helps data center managers take
control of their multi-vendor, multi-platform infrastructure so they can support the
needs of today's dynamic business environment.
The Avocent Universal Management Gateway appliance is the first converged
management appliance that enables remote management of any device, in any
location, from any vendor, at any time in a secure, centralized manner. It extends
the competence of skilled, capable data center administrators by helping them
standardize on a proven toolkit that delivers industry leading security for service
processor out-of-band management.

Industry-leading Security: The Universal Management Gateway appliance
secures embedded Service Processors by providing the ability to physically
segment them from your production network; in doing so, it acts like a gateway
between the external network and the system, thus service processors are no
longer directly accessible from the network - reducing risk.
Additional security is provided with the availability of FIPS 140-2 Certified
cryptographic modules. When enabled, these modules provide encryption for all
SSH transmissions.
High Availability: Access, control, and management systems must be trustworthy,
and the Universal Management Gateway is. Built on a multi-generational platform,
it's designed to ensure a direct path to data center infrastructure that's always-on,
always-available, and accessible from whenever, wherever.
Streamlined Management: Exclusively, the Universal Management Gateway
appliance uses proven technology to deliver a single, unified approach for data
center and IT infrastructure. The appliance integrates Digital KVM, Serial Console,
Service Processor and Environmental Management in a single-U platform, enabling
customers to experience complete data center access and monitoring. No one can
manage and monitor a multi-vendor environment like the Universal Management
Gateway, which delivers the broadest service processor support in the industry.


Soort kabelDB-15 VGA
Aantal USB 2.0-poorten4
Aantal Ethernet LAN (RJ-45)-poorten40
Afmetingen (BxDxH)434 x 508 x 43,1 mm
Gewicht11,7 kg
Ingangsspanning100 - 240
Spanning240 V
Output current0,68 A
CompatibiliteitCisco: UCS-B Chassis and Blades, UCS CIMC/Monolithic
- Dell: DRAC 5, iDRAC6, iDRAC7, iDRAC8, M1000E
Chassis, C Series , FX2, VRTX
- FSC: iRMC, iRMC S2, iRMC S4
- HP: BladeSystem, iLO 2, iLO 3, iLO 4
- IBM: BladeCenter, IMM, IBMIMM2
- IPMI: 1.5, 2.0
- Lenovo: FlexChasis, x3650 M5 w/IMM2
- Oracle: ILOM3
CertificeringApproved Agency UL, FCC, cUL, ICES-003, CE,